Start Decorating The Breakfast Corner In Your Home

The nook doesn’t have to be extravagant or anything. All you really need is a nice small little corner that is perfect for you and that’s all. Redesign and decorate the one you have with these simple tips. You are going to go for comfort, which is ideal since anyone would want to enjoy their breakfast comfortably.

Nook Furniture

As iterated, the idea behind designing and decorating your breakfast nook is comfort. If there is enough space, provide a bench as seating for it and adorn it with comfortable pillows and cushions. Luckily, there is a wholesale cushions supplier in the UK that you can take advantage of if you are lacking the cushions that you need.

Coffee Corners

It’s not really breakfast without coffee, is it not? For convenience, put all the coffee and its accessories into one corner of the breakfast nook so it’ll be easy to access and make your coffee once you’re in one place or are already seated down. To make it stylish and at the same time functional, hang your good mugs above the coffee station using a rod and metal hooks. This way, it’ll be easier to reach for them once you’re seated.


Your accessories will depend on the style you are going with. If you aren’t keen on the basic kitchen ideas that you have seen on magazines, maybe take a gander at the other designs we have listed here. Such as:

  • Farmhouse Style

This style would mean using white vases filled with flowers to greet you upon sitting down to eat, and plaid table cloth that charmingly contrasts with the white vase. It gives off a homey look that sets a tune for the day.

  • Modern Style

For this look, bright-coloured napkins and plates are ideal. It also helps to have a light fixture just above the table for a fancy meal during your breakfast.

  • Rustic Style

There is nothing cosier than this rustic theme. The decor is made up of ceramic pitchers and bowls as well as recycled wood. Brown is perfect for this style, since it adds a definite cosy atmosphere to the entire kitchen in general. If you also put in a bowl of fresh fruit, then it really will be perfect. As long as you have space for it, having a breakfast corner will be something you won’t ever regret. After all, it is a place where you and there rest of your family will gather every morning for a meal right before each of you go off with your daily routine. Don’t be afraid to be creative with the seating either. Don’t go for the basic chairs and tables. Benches are way better for something as comfy and cosy as a breakfast nook. It makes everyone sit next together in a happy pile. However, if you’re going for a round table, ensure that the seating matches that as well.