Make Dining in Your Yard a Magical Experience

There’s something magical about an experience of eating under the stars. Somehow, food tastes more delectable, and interaction with the other diners seem better and more relaxed. Mountaineers, hikers, and outdoorsmen can attest to this great experience (Boy, they are indeed the lucky ones). They often prepare and consume their meals in the middle of wildernesses while enjoying spectacular vistas that only a few are privileged to see.

Following the steps of outdoorsmen to have a unique and faraway dining experience is something that many of us, mere mortals and city people, are not really ready. However, we can have a chunk of that awesome experience right outside your home! Yes, literally just outside your walls! All you have to do is to configure your backyard to a unique dining room.

A Few Simple Outdoor Dining Ideas

* Unless you are planning a picnic-style dining, you would need a sturdy table where you can serve your food. Any table will do, but should you put it? A good idea is to put it under a large-canopied tree. The canopy serves as a shade during hot days while keeping the view unobstructed. Hang some lamps, Christmas lights, and other decors on the branches then light them up during dinner time. Add a few lit candles on the table itself. Now, that’s a dinner with a magical ambiance!

* No trees? Small space? No problem! Create a cute alfresco dining area by putting up a small, circular wrought iron table in a nice corner in your garden. Around the table, arrange matching wrought-iron chairs with pretty cushions. Finally, add a stylish parasol to provide shade.

* Modify your patio or have one constructed. A cool patio that overlooks your garden is the perfect place for outdoor dining; it offers a great view all the while being directly accessible from the house. Prepare your patio by installing it with versatile oak flooring. Oak wooden floors are beautiful; but more importantly, they are tough and can stand up to harsh weather. Tough oak floors can also withstand heavy foot traffic, spilled foods, and fallen utensils and kitchenware. For safety and aesthetics, border your patio with uniquely designed balustrades.

* Do you want a more casual setting? Place a low table in the middle of your garden, preferably where there are lots of blossoms or where you can enjoy a great view. But instead of chairs, why not put up bean bags instead? Bean bags are comfortable and more informal.

Table Ideas

How you dress up your table plays an important role of setting up the mood:

* On the versatile oak flooring in Melbourne in your patio, ensure that your table is steady. It shouldn’t wiggle or tip to the side.

* Adorn your table with a nice tablecloth. We prefer delicate and detailed embroidered or knitted ones.

* A nice arrangement of flowers in a vase is a nice centrepiece. If flowers aren’t your thing, you can use other centerpieces such as an elaborate candle holder; a small Zen tray filled with sand, pebbles, and candles; or the main dish of the meal itself.

* Use clean, polished, and gleaming cutlery, glassware, and plates. They exude an air of elegance. Give outdoor dining a new meaning!