The Wonders Of Winter (And How To Handle The Cold)

There are a lot of reasons to love winter, while there is also plenty to hate it. It’s not hard to hate the cold sometimes. It sometimes does its best to make you as uncomfortable as possible. There’s a certain bitterness to the cold and sometimes we feel miserable because of it.

But winter isn’t just about that. Winter has a lot of things that make us feel good too. While it is indeed cold, you cannot deny that it’s beautiful.

Winter is pretty and inspires wonder

Admit it. No matter how much the snow is making you feel miserable, you still think all that white fluff is pretty. Winter is BEAUTIFUL, we wouldn’t be the first ones to admit (but we wouldn’t hold back either). This inspires wonder in us. To me, personally, it makes me think of the movie The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. Winter is beautiful when it wants to be.

Gives off calm and relaxing vibes

Because snow makes everyone not want to move outside, everything stills. Everything sometimes stops moving and therefore gives us calm. It makes us relax when we’re just inside our homes as we look outside.

Childhood memories

Children love snow because they get to play in it and not have to worry about the hassles on it like us adults do. As such, that is why we get nostalgic about snow because we remember our own childhood. Back when it was all about us playing and drinking hot chocolate. As children, we never had to worry about anything. Snow was like out first real-life fairy tale back in the day.

Treats and fun games

There are so many snack and games in the winter season that it’s ridiculous. It’s actually glorious. You get to play so many snow-related games even as adults and there are so many winter-themed snacks and drinks to take advantage of. Hot chocolate is one of them and it not only tastes good, it warms us up too.

People are brought together

In terms of having someone to cuddle up? Yes. After all that playing and roughhousing in the snow, we would want to stay inside, drink and eat our snacks and then press up against a sibling, a parent or a friend. It’s adorable and warm.

To make your winter season comfortable, don’t forget to:

  • Light some old school candles
  • Maybe buy an oil-filled heater
  • NEVER leave your clothes to dry (give up, they will never dry)
  • Leave your oven open after cooking
  • Hot water bottles help
  • Sleep next to someone
  • Cling film up your windows
  • Put tin foil behind your radiators
  • Open the blinds to let the sunlight in during the day
  • Buy a sausage dog draught and put inside at the bottom of the front door