Weird and Wacky Bride & Groom Caprices

It’s unlikely you’ll find a more entitled couple than those who are about to plan their dream wedding. While bridal requests are, more often than not, caprice, there are unusual requests that simply can’t be helped. One bride wrote a testimonial to Era Bistro, one of the best wedding reception venues in Brisbane, to thank staff for tending to her, a “sick bride,” unable to eat food at her own wedding.

Never a dull moment

But really, aren’t the capricious stories more fun? We have plenty to share. While it may sound like fiction, be assured the tales told here are true stories from beleaguered wedding planners and exasperated hotel staff, gathered from extensive web research.

Who better to get the inside dish than members of the International Panel of Wedding Planners and Designers? Here’s a selected glimpse from the organization’s website:

  • The bridesmaids were running behind schedule, and they asked me to give the flower girl a bath and dress her! -Stacey Price of Ottawa
  • The bride wanted penguins at the reception. And she got her penguins. -Marley Majcher of Los Angeles
  • Once, I was asked to create an opium den theme, complete with real drugs. I declined. -Wayne Gurnick of Los Angeles
  • [A couple] arranged for Elvis to paddle by on a surfboard down the river behind them during the ceremony. -Amy Nichols of San Francisco
  • I had a mini horse as a ring bearer at my own black tie wedding. -Ariel Yve of Los Angeles
  • A lesbian pagan wedding, which concluded with a jumping of the broom, followed by an amazing reception at a top museum. -Bernadette Smith of New York/Boston
  • “I need for you to pick up my maid of honor at the airport.” “I know it’s the middle of the reception, but I need for you to take my maid of honor to the airport.” During the reception, “Please cut off the train of my Vera Wang bridal gown.” “Stall the wedding from starting.”
  • Dawn Earley of Austin
  • One of our client couples wanted to be married on a pier overlooking the ocean at midnight. -Karry Castillo Of Orlando
  • To incorporate bats (yes, the flying kind) into a wedding. The bride had a bat tattoo on her feet because she loves bats! -Kasey Skobel Conyers of Ohio
  • I was asked to lure a family member away from the wedding because they were so embarrassed my their attire. -Kelly McWilliams of Florida
  • Zombies for their cake topper. -Kelly Spalding of Franklin, Tenessee
  • Arranging a flight for a bride’s wedding gown … [which had] it own seat! -Lester Gethings of London
  • I have had to run out and buy cigarettes for one bride. -Lisa Hill of Auckland
  • Helicopter entrances, zoo animals, contortionists, celebrity appearances. -Mary Swaffield of Calgary
  • I’ve had to plan an entire wedding in three days! I’ve also had to coordinate some surprise weddings where the guests are under the impression they are just attending a party. -Melissa Andre of Toronto
  • One wedding, the bridesmaids were running behind schedule, and they asked me to give the flower girl a bath and dress her! -Stacey Price of Ottawa
  • Wedding rings with not only the iconic character, but the verbiage “Mr. & Mrs. PacMan.” -The Wedding Ring Store / Kent

Unusual and weird requests reported with incredulity include:

  • Grooms who parachuted from a plane or bungee jumped from the hotel room onto the ceremony.
  • Bride who arrived on horseback, with only one shoe; the groom placed the other on her foot at the altar.
  • Brides who’ve asked for a bath of ice or one of milk.
  • Couples who complain the ocean is too loud at their seaside venue.

Just when you think you’d never be a bridezilla, something comes up. What do you do? Well, you are the bride and it is your day.