Tasting Alaskan Dishes – A Return to the Wilderness

It has been said that Alaska is the United States’ last frontier. And being the last frontier, the region offers non-mainstream cuisine that is more than meets the eye—more aptly, mouth. Reflecting the characteristics of the region and people that gave birth to it, Alaskan cuisine is truly wild, truly a culinary adventure waiting to be experienced.

When you’re visiting US’s last frontier, make sure to sample these specialities. I’m pretty sure that you’ll definitely wake up to a new culinary adventure:


Poor Rudolph, he just ended up in someone’s plate. Try reindeer steak when visiting Anchorage and other towns in Alaska. Not only is the meat tasty, it is actually leaner and healthier than chicken, beef, or pork. Alaskans usually combine berries, herbs, and vegetables with the meat to make it even more delicious.

Reindeer meat is also processed to make sausages. A popular version is to fry these sausages, serve them with buttermilk pancakes, then drench the entire dish with thick maple syrup. Yummy!


Considered as an exotic dish, bear meat is not commercially available. You need to go to a hunter’s abode during hunting season and ask for a taste. Bear meat is very delicious, even more than the finest steak. If you have a chance to sample it, then don’t miss the opportunity to do so.


Whaling has been a part of Alaskan culture, particulary that of the Chukchi and the Eskimo. Whales provide oil, batten, and, of course, food to these people.

Muktuk is the skin and blubber of the Bowhead whale. The chunks are frozen and eaten raw. The dish tastes like strong cheese with a nutty flavour, and it is often called as the sushi of Alaska.


This dish is sometimes called the traditional ice cream of Alaska. What is it made of? Well, it’s a foamy brew of reindeer fat, seal oil, berries, and fresh snow. Locals often make variations of the Akutaq, using different vegetables, herbs, and sugar. Reading this, you may believe that the akutaq disgusting; but believe me, it tastes real good!

Ahi Poke

The last thing you’ll expect in chilly Alaska is a colourful dish that resembles Hawaiian fruit salad. Well, this dish is called Ahi Poke. It consists of raw fish that is garnished with vegetables and fruits that provide resemblances to Hawaiian flavours. Bring the tropics to Alaska by sampling this delightful dish.

King Crab

The Alaskan Bering Sea is home to the rare and hard-to-catch King Crab. So, while you are in Alaska, make sure to sample it. King crab has very soft meat, and you can enjoy such the dish with an accompaniment of homemade butter and roasted potatoes.

Taste the wild. Taste traditional Alaskan cuisine today.