Flood Damage Can Affect Your Property

5 Ways In Which Flood Damage Can Affect Your Property

Water is one of the most destructive natural elements when it comes to buildings and whether a full-on flood is caused by days of heavy rain or a burst water pipe in the upstairs bathroom, water damage is usually extensive, and the longer you leave it, the more damage will be caused.

Here are a few of the ways that water can damage your property.

  • Timber – Water will penetrate wood and decay follows shortly; a solid timber floor would have to be removed, or at least the damaged section, while doors are also victim to water damage. Furniture needs to be removed and dried out as soon as possible, which might be saved with a little restoration work. A leaking roof will eventually lead to internal damage to the joists and rafters, so keep an eye out for missing roof tiles.
  • Destroys Plaster & Cement – As soon as plaster becomes wet, this starts a chain reaction and the material begins to bubble, spreading as it goes. If, for example, you had a small leak in the upstairs bathroom, this might cause damage to the downstairs ceilings and that would spread as long as the water source remains. When dealing with flood damage restoration, a contractor offering flood restoration services Guildford and urban areas outside the UK rely on might have to strip plaster from walls, creating a line, leaving the unaffected area. Of course, the first thing to do is cut off the water supply, which limits the scope of the damage.
  • Kitchen Appliances – If floodwater enters your kitchen and is more than a couple of inches deep, this could damage fridges, freezers, washing machines and cookers and if you have enough of a warning, raise all appliances off the ground if at all possible. Kitchen cabinets will also be damaged if they come in contact with water and would likely have to be replaced.
  • Electrical System – Water and electricity should never come in contact with each other and turning off the power at the mains is essential for safety reasons and should there be a short circuit, your safety cut-out switch should be activated. The flood restoration services Hampshire and other towns beyond the UK would advise you to never enter a flooded building if there‚Äôs a chance the power is still on. Sadly, people can get electrocuted during floods.
  • Carpet & Vinyl – All forms of carpet are susceptible to water damage and it depends how long the carpet or rug is wet. If a carpet is salvageable, the flood restoration team would take the appropriate action. Vinyl is waterproof to a degree, but if immersed in water, it will swell and warp.

Your home insurance would cover flood damage and by searching online for local flood restoration services, you can limit the damage caused. There are articles available online that are worth reading for more tips on what to do in a flood, to ensure you learn as much as you can and be more prepared to handle this disaster when it happens.

Whether a burst water pipe or an external flood, you need to call in specialist help as soon as you can. The experts are equipped with all the equipment they need to carry out their work and damage limitation is a priority.